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Picture of the ACB conference logoAmerican Council of the Blind of Indiana (ACBI) Conference
September 13, 2014
Marshall, IN

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ZoomText Mac 1.1.4 is Released

Picture of the ZoomText Mac icon

Ai Squared is pleased to announce a free ZoomText Mac update (1.1.4) which includes improvements for tracking, and a fix for a very large cursor enhancement showing up on screen.

This is a free update for anyone who already owns ZoomText Mac.  Read more about ZoomText Mac, check out the release notes, or download a free 30-day trial to give it a try yourself. 

ZoomText 10.1.6 is Released!

Picture of a green circle with white arrows.We’re excited to announce that the next free update in the ZoomText 10.1 cycle is here. This release includes several tracking improvements, fixed bugs for reading tools, and much more.

If you own ZoomText 10.1 and you’ve got it set to download updates automatically, you’re good to go - the next time you launch ZoomText it will install the update for you. Otherwise, just go to the Help menu and choose “Check for Program Updates...”. 

If you do not yet own ZoomText 10.1 and need support for a Windows 8 or 8.1 machine, please contact our sales team to get a quote:  (802) 362-3612 option #2.

Learn more about 10.1, read the release notes, or download a free 60-day trial to give it a try yourself.

Try ZoomText 10.1 for Windows 7 - Pre-Release

Picture of a stamp that says pre-release

We’d like to invite you to test a pre-release version of ZoomText 10.1 for the Windows 7 operating system.  The full version will be released for sale very soon, but in the meantime, we are interested in getting your feedback.  You can provide your feedback by choosing “Help Improve ZoomText…” in ZoomText’s Help menu.

Benefits to trying out the pre-release are:

  • Support for Office 2013
  • Support for Internet Explorer version 10 and 11
  • Smooth system pointers
  • Aero support

Note:  Dual monitor support has not yet been implemented

If you are interested, please download the 60-day pre-release version.  If this hyperlink does not work for you, simply copy and paste this link into your browser:  If you need the international version, here is the link:

Again, this is just meant for users who have a Windows 7 machine.  If you have a previous version of ZoomText on your machine, you do not need to uninstall it to try the pre-release version.

Thank you so much for your help, your feedback truly is the best way to improve ZoomText.

ZoomText Mac 1.1.3 is Released

Picture of the ZoomText Mac icon

Ai Squared is pleased to announce a free ZoomText Mac update (1.1.3) which includes a new smooth panning feature, improvements for tracking, and several bugs fixes including some issues with Safari!

This is a free update for anyone who already owns ZoomText Mac.  Read more about ZoomText Mac, check out the release notes, or download a free 30-day trial to give it a try yourself. 

ZoomText Mac - Now with Speech!

Picture of the ZoomText Mac logo with a speech bubble off to the right.

We are thrilled to announce that ZoomText Mac now includes several speech features!  Users can enjoy Focus Echo, Mouse Echo and a great reading tool called WebReader.  Here’s a brief recap of each of these new features:

  • Focus Echo:  Text information from the current active control, text fields, menu items, or buttons will now be automatically read aloud.
  • Mouse Echo:  Text information that’s underneath the mouse pointer can also be read aloud; it will speak the entire item name, or if you’re over a block of text, it will read the entire paragraph.  A great spot reading tool! 
  • WebReader:  A reading tool that allows you to extract just the important information from a busy webpage.  It will also read all the text in an application window (for instance, an entire email message), or the text in your clipboard.

Read on for all the details!

Webinars & In-Person Training Events

Picture of computers connected to a webinar around the world.

We would love for you to join us for a free live webinar.  The topics we’re covering in the coming weeks are:  “ZoomText Mac - Now with Speech!” where we introduce and demonstrate the three new exciting reading tools and “ZoomText ImageReader Overview” where we will introduce you to ZoomText ImageReader, our software and camera solution that makes printed text accessible.  We will also cover the features in the new Multilingual Edition.

All our weekly webinars are free but you do need to sign up to attend. If you’re unable to attend a live session, check out the recorded versions that are available.

If you prefer in-person training, that’s where ZoomText University comes into play.  Our hands-on training courses are a great way to learn all the ins and outs of ZoomText.

Check out our course schedule for details on all the upcoming classes. ZoomText University summer classes (through September) are only $399 per student for a two-day class, and it includes lunch both days, a goody bag full of giveaways, and the course curriculum on a USB stick.  Starting in October, the price for ZoomText University will be $449 per student for a two-day class.

If you have any questions about ZoomText University, or would like to set up another class that’s closer to you, please email Kimberly Cline or give her a call at (802) 367-6152.

Handy Windows 8.1 Shortcuts

Picture of a monitor running Windows 8.1 and ZoomText.

With every new operating system, there’s always going to be a learning curve.  Ultralinx has compiled a list of 15 very useful Windows 8.1 hotkeys that will increase your productivity and will also help you quickly access the information you’re looking for.  Here are a few shortcuts:

  • Hold the Windows key and press D to show and hide the desktop.
  • In Internet Explorer 11, hold Ctrl and Press T to open a new browser tab.

Read on for the rest of the tips!

“Classic Shell” for Windows 8

Picture of the Classic Shell logo.

Here’s another tool to help those using Windows 8 or 8.1 - Classic Shell.  Support technician Lloyd Georgeson has been recommending this utility for users who are struggling to learn Microsoft’s new operating systems.  Change is hard for everyone, but when you have a vision impairment it can be even harder.  Classic Shell will bring back the Start menu and make things look more familiar.

If you’re interested, the download is available for free at  This utility has been downloaded over 15 million times so that tells you how useful it is!

Spotlight:  iGrill

Picture of the iGrill app.

Several ZoomNews contests ago, we had asked you to give us ideas for apps that you wish existed.  An entry asked for an app that would let someone with a visual impairment know when their food is not only cooked to the proper temperature, but so that they can also avoid salmonella poisoning.  We got an email back from Mike Thomas, an Adaptive Technology Specialist from the Oregon Commission for the Blind, saying that there is already such a thing!

The device is called the iGrill.  Mike happens to be blind and is an iGrill user. While this device wasn’t built with the visually impaired in mind, it sounds perfect for any grill master, sighted or blind.  Just insert the iGrill probe into the meat you’d like to track, let the free app know what you’re cooking along with your desired level of doneness, and wait for the alert telling you that your food is ready to enjoy. 

There are several models to choose from ranging in price from $39.99 to $99.99 - learn more at the iGrill website.  No better time than the summer to get to grilling and a visual impairment need not stand in the way of delicious grilled meals.

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