Spotlight on Looktel Recognizer

by Rebecca White on March 13, 2012

Image of the Looktel Recognizer icon - an R with sound waves coming out of itThe makers of the Looktel Money Reader bring you their latest app, the LookTel Recognizer.  Where the Money Reader allows you to wave your iDevice in front of any currency and it will read aloud the denomination, this app extends the usefulness to ANY item in your home, whether it’s a cereal box in your pantry, a CD in your music collection, or a jug of juice in your fridge.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t come with an existing library of images so there is some setup work involved.  The company does recommend that users get some sighted assistance to initially create their image library, which is not ideal.  That said, once a library is built, users can simply point the iDevice’s camera at an object and the phone will recognize and describe the item instantly.  I saw it at CSUN and it truly does recognize things in a split second.

To counteract the need for sighted assistance, the app does permit users to share their libraries – just imagine if you and your friends each labeled 50 items and then shared them!  You’d have quite the library to work with.  Of course you’d have to be sure these were friends you trusted and not someone who would label shampoo as conditioner ;)

You don’t need an internet connection to use the app which means it can be used at any location, anytime.  It does also come with a barcode scanner so if you’re in the grocery store looking at something you haven’t yet programmed into your library, all you need to do is find that (pesky) barcode and it will read aloud what the item is.

Looktel Recognizer sells for $9.99 on the iTunes Store and can be used on an iPod, iPad, or iPhone – provided it’s running iOS 4.3 or later.  Check it out for yourself!


  • Tom Coburn

    well…I can understand why the issue of sighted assistance would be an issue for some people. I am single and live alone myself,  so while I “could” ask a stranger or friend for sighted assistance, a stranger or friend would not generally take the time to go into my home and take pictures of cans and bottles and stuff for me. I can understand sighted assistance not being a big deal if you have a sighted husband or wife, but since I don’t, and since most people I know are legals also, I can understand why that would be an issue for some people, because someone with 20/20 who could help you wouldn’t take the time or don’t know you well enough to go inside your home and take a bunch of pictures for you.  that I can understand being an issue

  • SeehuntNy

    Try oMoby on the iPhone. It already recognizes things from a huge library and even looks up prices for you.
    It is a free app. Not sure if there is a pay option. Works well with VoiceOver.
    Recognizer may offer options for customization not found elsewhere.
    Looktel’s Moneyreader is very well written, si if Recognizer works as well, it is definitely worth trying.

  • Ken

    The OMoby also speaks danominations of money. It works better than the INote and faster.

  • Ken

    There is also a product called the ID Mate. This unit will pick up and read Millians of UPC codes and it has a data base that is updated every 6 months. The unit does cost about $1,300.00, however you only have to face the unit about 6 to 12 inches away from where you think the UPC code is and it will pick it up quickly.  

  • Bonnie Cavalier

    Absolutely. Thank you.

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