Moving on from Ai Squared

by Derek Bove on July 11, 2014

Out on the town at the CSUN conference

Out on the town at the CSUN conference: from left to right – Stephanie, Becca, Derek, Shawn

After almost 10 years at Ai Squared, I am off to explore new opportunities and adventures outside of my home state of Vermont. I wanted to take some time in this post to thank both the company, and our amazing customers.

It is incredible for me to think that my first job straight out of college would have given me as many opportunities as Ai Squared has given me – both in my career and personal life. For those of you that have been long time customers, you may remember myself, Gary and Maurie were on the phones in support for my first two years. In that time, I had the opportunity to create the ZoomText Tutorial for ZoomText 9.0.  Then my role expanded into sales & marketing, and finally led me to managing our ZoomText Mac product.

So many of you, our ZoomText users, have given me perspective on my life.  A 22-year-old out of college  needed to learn patience when walking someone through how to fix an issue (before we had remote support tools). In my mid-20s I learned to excel at public speaking through sales campaigns and cold calling; things I was both unfamiliar and uncomfortable with, but learned how to find my “voice.”  From there, I was able to expand my role and share with you some of my knowledge through our webinars and videos, and even meet some of you at our tradeshows and ZoomText University trainings. Lastly, having the chance to listen to our users, and being able to implement their feedback into ZoomText Mac has been one of the most rewarding opportunities in my career.

For those of you on the outside, you should know that this is a great company, with some incredible people that really care and take pride in the products and services they offer. I am proud to have been a part of this company for the past 10 years, and can assure you that you are all in great hands.

If you read through all this way to the end of the post, I have some good news for you…I was able to put a discount code into our system for 10% off any order through the end of our business day on Monday, July 14th. Just use the code DerekSaidSo on our website, or when calling in by phone – (802) 362-3612. I think I saw two men in sunglasses and black suits walk through the door, that’s my cue to leave!

  • TLB

    Derek: As an AI Squared customer, let me be the first to say: congratulations and thank you for all that you’ve done in support of the ZoomText product. It has been fascinating to watch the ZoomText product come as far as it has, across multiple platforms. All the best to you in your future endeavors.

  • Brad Miter

    This afternoon I was browsing the ai2 website to find out more and just happened to go see what might be happening on the Blog. Well, that was a fortuitous impulse for I briefly met Derek as he signed off and left me with a big present, ‘DerekSaidSo’. I tried to purchase the $599 version of the software but found that the two men in dark coats had swept away the offer as they ushered Derek out of the building. I have only had the trial version for less than a week but both my initial contact with Lloyd in Support and my experience thus far with the Magnifier have made me a customer already. There is no going back to my Windows included software.

    Now, make sure I get the discount in case I am carted off to the hospital or something on Monday. I’ll be back for it as soon as I can.

    Brad Miter

  • Noyon Hossen

    this website is help us to many ways.

  • Becca White

    Hi Brad! So sorry about the issue with Derek’s code – not to worry all should be working again on the website! You can also call us to get the deal: 800-859-0270.

  • Tom Coburn

    Well good luck in whatever you decide to do next :) I probably did talk to you at some point since being a ZT owner since the win95 days under a skew of different serial #’s, but back in those days, I didn’t ask for anyones name. if that person could help me that’s all I cared about hehe but aisquared has since become a family to me especially after falling in love & marrying one of your other long time customers. We wouldn’t be together without the ZT product to bring us together, so good luck, and we hope it all works out for ya

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