ZoomText Mac Tips & Tricks – Reading Email with WebReader

by Derek Bove on August 13, 2014

Did you know that ZoomText Mac’s WebReader allows you to do far more than just read on the web?  You can use it to read back any text in your clipboard, or all the text in an active application window.

Today’s tips and tricks video will show you how you can easily read your email using WebReader.

Watch the video right here by clicking on the play button below, or go onto YouTube and watch it there.

  • JP Blanchard

    je possède un zoom texte magnifier/Reader 10, depuis un ans. mais ne parle pas quand je suis sur le web.quoi fer, je fait très peu d’ ordinateur, je regarder la télé du matin aux soir

  • http://www.localwebdesignlondon.co.uk/ Zoe Faulkner

    Reading using computer has never been difficult because of zoomtext.

  • Maurie Hill

    Please email tech support with more details, support@aisquared.com

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