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Spotlight: George Mendoza

Picture of George mendozaWe’re pleased to introduce you to fellow Window-Eyes user, George Mendoza. At 15 years old he was diagnosed with the rare condition Fundus flavimaculatus (now more commonly known as Stargardt’s disease). Since his diagnosis, George has gone on to be a World Record holder, an acclaimed artist and authore.  His advice to our readers is to take risks, dream big, and remember that a visual impairment doesn’t prevent you from doing the things you love; you just might have to get a little bit creative.

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Spotlight:  Mitch Shapiro

Picture of Mitch ShapiroWe’re pleased to introduce you to fellow ZoomText user, Mitchel Shapiro. When Mitch was diagnosed with Usher’s Syndrome, he could have given up many of the tasks he so loved, falling into a deep depression. After all, Usher’s Syndrome is the leading cause of deaf/blindness; as the disease progresses Mitch will be left completely deaf and blind.  However, Mitch’s outlook is extremely positive, declaring that it was “time to stop making excuses for letting obstacles get in my way!”

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AT&T:  Paving the Way

Cartoon image of a person holding a puzzle piece to successAT&T recently profiled Thomas Grodecki, a representative of their Bankruptcy Team who was diagnosed with glaucoma and had been struggling at his job until he found ZoomText.

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Sue Martin:  Out of the Whirlpool

Picture of Sue Martin skiingLast year, we introduced you to Sue Martin.  Sue works for The United States Department of Veterans Affairs as a Section 508 management analyst.  Prior to taking the position with the Section 508 team, Sue was the subject matter expert for the computer training section at one of the VA’s blind rehab centers.  Sue not only taught veterans with visual impairments to use ZoomText, she also taught her colleagues how to teach it. 

She has certainly had a busy year since we last talked!  She compiled the story of her own rehab experience into a book entitled Out of the Whirlpool.

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Spotlight:  David Life

Picture of David Life in his workshopFor most of his life, David Life had better than 20/20 vision.  Despite the fact that his mother had rod-cone dystrophy, an optometrist actually told him that he was more likely to be struck by lightning than to inherit his mother’s eye condition.  However, when David was in his mid-thirties, he started noticing some changes.

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