Photo of Chris Millsap

Chris Millsap – Manchester, VT Ai Squared employee!

“I love the incredible quality of ZoomText’s magnification. Because of xFont, it’s much easier to read print on the screen even at large magnification settings.  I’ve never seen another magnifier with that kind of quality!”

Photo of Jose Tamayo

Jose Tamayo – Miami, FL

“For a time I was afraid I’d have to give up computer work because of my RP, but with ZoomText, I can hear what’s happening on the screen. In fact, at this point, I no longer have use for a monitor.”

Photo of Karen Barlow

Karen Barlow – Medford, OR

“ZoomText has made it possible for me to continue working – I train sighted and visually impaired computer users. When I meet with a low-vision client, because ZoomText is so user-friendly, it typically takes just one lesson and the user is off and running. Being able to work has helped me deal with losing my sight.”

Photo of Dr. Joseph Fontenot

Dr. Joseph Fontenot – Fairhope, AL

“I like using AppReader because, as it’s reading to me, it maintains the look and feel of the application and document, which really helps when I’m navigating pages on the web.  And the SpeakIt Tool makes it easy to spot read blocks of text on complicated web pages.”

Image of Foresight Ski Logo

Mark Davis – Denver, CO

“There’s no way I could have started my non-profit organization (www.foresightskiguides.org) without ZoomText. Just about every aspect of Foresight Ski Guides, from grant writing, to web site building, to scheduling our volunteer ski guides, revolves around my being able to read the computer screen. ZoomText is the clearest magnification on the market and allows me to share the sport I love with people who may have thought their skiing days were over.”

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