ZoomText Gives Foresight Ski Guides a Lift

Foresight Ski Logo

Since age four, Mark G. Davis relished his days on the slopes, so in 1999 when he lost his functional vision due to a rare symptom of Multiple Sclerosis, he wasn’t about to let his sight loss get in the way of the sport he loves.

The former Denver banker in 2001 went on to found Foresight Ski Guides, a non-profit which provides safe and affordable skiing and ski guides to visually-impaired skiers at Vail and Beaver Creek Colorado.

“Skiing and other outdoor recreation offer our VIPs (Visually-Impaired People) an opportunity to achieve success in a very short period of time,” said Davis. “Skiing builds self-confidence and allows visually-impaired people to focus on possibilities rather than dwelling on what they think they no longer can do.”

Davis said he couldn’t have started his non-profit without Ai Squared software. Today he uses ZoomText 9.0 featuring xFont technology for high-definition text enlargement. “Just about every aspect of Foresight Ski Guides - from grant writing and web site building to scheduling our volunteer ski guides - revolves around my being able to read my computer screen,” said Davis. “ZoomText is the clearest magnification on the market and allows me to share the sport I love with people who may have thought their skiing days were over.”

Ai Squared, based near the ski slopes of Vermont, is a sponsor of Foresight Ski Guides which Davis operates out of his Denver home office.

To learn more about Foresight or to schedule your own trip visit the website at http://www.foresightskiguides.org