ZoomText Camera Stand

We’ve custom designed two camera stand options to perfectly complement the Logitech C615 HD webcam for the ZoomText Camera.  Manufactured specifically for us in the USA, this durable, high-quality piece of equipment helps provide optimal positioning of your camera.  One style clamps to your desk or tabletop and the other one sits comfortably on any flat surface.  In addition, the stand has a 24 inch goose neck that allows you to adjust it to accommodate printed material or larger objects that you would like to read.  Here’s a short video that demonstrates both of the stand options:

Both of the new camera stands feature detachable arms - you can quickly remove the arm from the base for maximum portability. This is a great feature if you decide to purchase both camera stands - the one arm fits into both stands!  Along with that, the camera arm conveniently swivels out of the way when you need that extra desk space.

The next thing we’ve done is added a ball-head attachment to the end of the camera neck. This lets you easily aim the camera exactly where you want it on your printed material. Instead of needing to re-orient the camera neck, you can simply pivot the ball head to aim the camera. Lastly, we’ve added tubing to conceal the camera’s cable - this prevents snagging or twisting around the camera neck plus gives you more cord leeway now that you don’t have to wrap it around the flex arm.

If you already have a HD webcam you can still purchase the stand from us. Just make sure that your camera has a female tripod screw adapter.

The best part is that when you purchase a camera stand package from us, we’re going to pre-assemble it for you so you do not have to worry about a thing!  Just take it out of the box, plug in the camera’s USB cord and you’re ready to go.

If you need to buy individual pieces (camera, table top stand, clamp stand, or any of individual pieces of the stand), please contact us directly at 800-859-0270 or 802-362-3612 option #2.