Dual Monitors

ZoomText’s Dual Monitor Support allows you to extend your magnified viewing area to a second screen, or simultaneously share a magnified or unmagnified view of your desktop on a second screen for others to see. Coming soon for ZoomText 10.1 for Windows 8.

Primary Span extends ZoomText’s magnified view across the primary and secondary monitors, doubling the amount of information that can be seen at any time. With twice as much information in view you can work with greater speed and comfort than is possible when using a single monitor:

Primary Span

Primary Clone displays the same magnified view on your primary and secondary monitors. This mode is useful when two or more users need to see the same magnified view, but are not seated so that they can share a single monitor:

Primary Clone

Primary with 1x displays a magnified view on your primary monitor and an unmagnified view on your secondary monitor. This mode is useful when a low vision user and normal-sighted user are working together on the same system. The low vision user can zoom in to the desired level (on the primary monitor) while the normal-sighted user sees the unmagnified view on the secondary monitor:

Primary with 1x