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Internet Explorer 10 has stopped working after closing multiple tabs
Uninstalling Internet Explorer 11 Update
Uninstalling Internet Explorer 10 Update ZoomText versions 10.0 and earlier do not support Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10).  Here are instructions on how to remove that update.
Uninstalling Internet Explorer 9 Update

If you do have Internet Explorer 9 installed on your PC below are a set of instructions on how to uninstall Internet Explorer 9.

* Special Note – This is only for systems that have been updated to Internet Explorer 9 and not have Internet Explorer 9 preinstalled on the PC when they purchased the PC.

Turning Off Automatic Updates for Internet Explorer 9 Update

If you had Internet Explorer 9 installed on your PC and you went through the process of uninstalling it, here you'll find a set of instructions on how to turn off the Windows Automatic Updates so that Internet Explorer 9 is not automatically installed on your PC again.

Warning about the use of ZoomText with Internet Explorer 9
BSOD in Windows 7 Starting Internet Explorer or a Microsoft Office application in Windows 7 results in a crash (BSOD). This problem was caused by ZoomText and has been corrected in version 9.18.4. ZoomText 9.18.4 was released September 2nd, 2009.
ZoomText compatibility with Internet Explorer Version 8 Due to modifications to Internet Explorer version 8 by Microsoft, any version of ZoomText 9.14 or lower will not be able to read web pages.
Error: “Illegal Operation” error after exiting Internet Explorer 4.01

When running BigShot with Internet Explorer 4.01, the following error may occur after exiting Internet Explorer:

"This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." 

Slow computer performance when running ZoomText under Windows Vista or Windows XP

On some Windows Vista and Windows XP systems, when ZoomText is running computer performance may slow down.

AppReader and DocReader skip or fail to read text in Internet Explorer

On some websites, ZoomText's AppReader and DocReader may skip text, fail to read text, or freeze up.

Error: “_inst5176 performed an illegal operation in Softlocx4.ocx”

When installing BigShot 2.0 onto a system containing Windows 95, the following error may occur:

"_inst5176 performed an illegal operation in Softlocx4.ocx" 

Fuzzy text in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

When using ZoomText 8 in Internet Explorer 7, magnified text may appear fuzzy and difficult to read.

Error “ID#9” when starting AppReader or DocReader in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

When attempting to start AppReader or DocReader in Internet Explorer 7, the following error occurs:

“AppReader/DocReader was unable to detect an active document window. Click in your document and restart AppReader/DocReader (ID #9).”

SpeakIt Tool doesn’t read in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

ZoomText’s SpeakIt Tool fails to read text in Internet Explorer 7.

ZoomText will not launch when SpyWare Doctor 3.2 is running and the “OnGuard Protection”

When launching ZoomText, you may get one of the following:

ZoomText hotkeys stop working in Internet Explorer

When using ZoomText in Microsoft Internet Explorer, ZoomText's hotkeys may fail to work if the following applications or utilities are installed:

Word and Excel documents not read when opened in Internet Explorer or embedded in another document

ZoomText's reading tools (AppReader, DocReader or Text Reading) are not reading Microsoft Word and/or Excel documents when they are opened in Internet Explorer, or when they are embedded objects within another document.

AppReader and DocReader do not work in Internet Explorer web pages

When starting AppReader or DocReader on a web page in Internet Explorer:

Reading PDF documents with ZoomText 9.0 and 8.1x

ZoomText 8.10 introduced support for reading PDF documents in Adobe Reader version 6.0.1 and later. This support, although very useable, has several limitations — requiring special settings and workarounds to overcome them. Subsequent releases of ZoomText, versions 8.11 through 8.13 and 9.0 provide greatly expanded PDF support, included the following:

ZoomText is reading across columns when using AppReader, DocReader or Text Reading

When attempting to read multi-column documents with ZoomText's AppReader, DocReader or Text Reading commands, ZoomText is reading across columns of text, rather than within one column at a time. In addition, some of the navigation commands may not  operate (e.g. Say Previous/Current/Next Paragraph).

Online activation of ZoomText fails in Windows NT4

In Windows NT4, ZoomText's online product activation may fail if Microsoft Internet Explorer v3 or later is not installed on the system.

ZoomText stops smoothing and reading text on certain web pages

In Internet Explorer, when a Flash object appears on a web page, ZoomText will stop smoothing and reading text in the current and subsequent web pages. This problem will continue until all instances of Internet Explorer is exited and restarted.

Unable to update ZoomText Trial using update wizard

After downloading and installing the ZoomText version 8.11.1 trial, the ZoomText Update Wizard no longer updates ZoomText. When you attempt to update, the wizard indicates that an update is available, but the progress bar remains static on the screen (no progress) and fails to exit.

Internet Explorer crash when accessing form controls on Amazon web site

When running ZoomText 8 and accessing form controls on the Amazon web site (, Internet Explorer may suddenly and unexpectedly exit. The exact cause of this problem is currently unknown.