“Easy Pay” purchase plans

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For those with vision impairments and for those people who need ZoomText Magnifier or Magnifier/Reader to continue using their computer, Ai Squared wants to make sure that we help in any way we can. If money is an issue, our sales staff will work with you to set up a graduated payment plan to help defer the immediate cost of ZoomText products.

We value our customers and respect your needs, so if you or someone you know needs to access the many features of ZoomText, we will work with you to make sure you get what you need to continue living and working as quickly as possible.

Interested in purchasing an upgrade? We have Easy Pay plans available for you as well. Please call our sales team at (800) 859-0270 or (802) 362-3612 option #2 to discuss pricing for your specific situation or to place your order.

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader Products

ProductList Price6 Month Easy Pay12 Month Easy Pay
ZoomText Magnifier/Reader$599$105/month$55/month
ZoomText Magnifier/Reader with ZoomText Large Print Keyboard$678$118/month$62/month
ZoomText Magnifier/Reader USB$699$122/month$63/month
ZoomText Magnifier/Reader USB with ZoomText Large Print Keyboard$778$135/month$70/month

ZoomText Magnifier Products

ProductList Price6 Month Easy Pay12 Month Easy Pay
ZoomText Magnifier$399$70/month$37/month
ZoomText Magnifier with ZoomText Large Print Keyboard$478$84/month $44/month
ZoomText Magnifier USB$499$88/month$46/month
ZoomText Magnifier USB with ZoomText Large Print Keyboard$578$101/month$53/month

* Prices above are for Domestic Single-User copies only. Offer only available for purchases made directly through Ai Squared. All "Easy Pay" purchase plans include free shipping.

In order to complete your Easy Pay purchase you'll need to verify and accept the terms of the Easy Pay agreement.