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How Much Productivity is Your Company Losing Due to Eyestrain and Vision Impairments?

Each year vision impairments and eyestrain cost US companies $8 billion dollars in lost productivity. And the number of workers suffering from these conditions is projected to increase every year.  Much of the lost productivity from vision impairments occurs when workers are using a computer. High resolution monitors are now commonplace bringing us bright, crisp graphical images that are pleasing to look at. However, these same monitors have unintentionally resulted in ever-shrinking text that is more difficult for folks with aging eyes and vision impairments to see.

ZoomText is Here to Help

With ZoomText, you can address a wide range of issues with one piece of software that magnifies, enhances and reads everything on the screen according to each user’s needs.  For your employees this means no more squinting at the screen or fear of not being able to perform well in their job. And ZoomText is easy to use and works with any application running on your Microsoft Windows workstation. 

Maximize Your Solution with an Enterprise License

The ZoomText Enterprise License allows you to deliver ZoomText to everyone in your organization at a fraction of the per-person cost of other ZoomText licensing options. And by deploying ZoomText across your organization, you are assured that the solution is always available wherever and for whoever needs it. 

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With ZoomText Screen Magnification and Screen Reading software, your organization can accommodate valuable employees with visual impairments while helping to increase productivity and retention of your older, skilled workers.

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