Personalized Solutions for Increased Productivity

In today’s computer-centric workplace, visually impaired employees are expected to meet the same performance goals as their normally-sighted peers. However, in many situations it is difficult, if not impossible, for a visually impaired employee to meet these goals even when equipped with a powerful screen magnification and reading tool such as ZoomText. Although the user can see and read everything on the screen, they may still be unable to complete even routine tasks in an acceptable amount of time – especially tasks that require constant navigation between and within application screens in order to locate and enter information.

Enter ZoomText Scripting…

ZoomText now comes with Scripting, allowing you to customize the behavior of ZoomText and other applications, providing enhanced magnification and screen reading functionality, as well as automation of nearly any computing task.

What kinds of things can you do with ZoomText Scripting?

  • Automatically announce selected fields of information when opening a spreadsheet, database, or any other application if you want to hear only certain information and you need to hear it immediately.
  • Automatically announce new items in your email inbox and automatically read each email that you open.
  • Automatically read aloud new text that arrives in chat windows.
  • Configure ZoomText to announce application controls and data in more meaningful way.
  • Stop ZoomText from announcing information that is not of interest.
  • Configure ZoomText to alert you when a selected field of information changes to a specified value, such as the balance in a spreadsheet dipping below $100.

This is just the tip of scripting iceberg. Let your imagination run wild. With the power of ZoomText, users can achieve greater productivity and success in the workplace.