ZoomText’s Desktop, Web and Text Finders allow you to quickly find applications and documents, web page links, and text within the active application or the entire screen. With intuitive filters and search tools, you can quickly find any item of interest.

The Desktop Finder helps you find and open programs and documents that reside in your Windows desktop environment – including the quick launch bar, system tray, control panel and My Documents folder. Learn how the Desktop Finder works.

The Enhanced Web Finder allows you to search webpages for specific words or phrases, or skim through pages to find items of interest. As you navigate through the page each item you come to is highlighted and announced. When an item of interest is found you can have Web Finder start reading aloud from that location. If the item is a link to another page you can have Web Finder execute the link and continue your search on the new page. Learn how the Enhanced Web Finder works.

The Text Finder allows you to instantly locate words or phrases within any application or document window, or the entire screen. Coming soon for ZoomText 10.1 for Windows 8. Learn how the Text Finder works.