ZoomText Recorder

The ZoomText Recorder allows you to turn text from documents, webpages, email, etc. into audio recordings that you can transfer to on your mobile device and listen to at your convenience.  Recordings can be saved directly to a ZoomText Recorder playlist in iTunes or Windows Media Player and automatically synced to your mobile device.  Each recording is created using your choice of ZoomText voices or any other voices available on your system.

Watch the video of ZoomText Recorder in action

Key benefits and advantages

  • Convert documents and other text into recordings that you can put on your mobile device
  • Save recordings directly to iTunes, Windows Media Player or any folder location
  • Listen to your recordings at your convenience—at or away from your computer
  • Simple recording process
  • Continue performing other tasks while ZoomText records in the background

Picture of the ZoomText Recorder dialog box

Recorder User Interface


While audio file formats does ZoomText Recorder support?

  • Recordings to iTunes - MP3
  • Recordings to Windows Media Player - WMA
  • Recordings to file - WMA, WAV

What mobile devices can I transfer ZoomText recordings to?

  • Any device that supports MP3, WMA and/or WAV audio files, including Apple mobile devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad), the Victor Reader Stream, Droid based devices and dedicated MP3 players.

Is there a limit to the recording size?

  • No there’s not.  Obviously entire books will take a while to complete but you can go about other work on your computer as Recorder is in process.

How long does the recording process take? 

  • Recording time varies depending on the size of content being recorded, selected voice and recording destination. As a point of reference, it takes roughly 10-15 seconds per page of text.