ZoomText Fusion – A single, flexible computer access solution for your changing vision

November 11, 2015

Ai Squared is excited to announce our newest product – ZoomText Fusion! Designed for users with advanced or progressive vision loss, ZoomText Fusion provides all the features and benefits of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, plus a complete screen reader.

ZoomText Fusion provides you with the most comprehensive and friendly screen reading experience available. Everywhere you go, Fusion speaks complete information about every action you perform and any object you encounter. Whether you need to access the web, write an email, produce a document, manipulate a spreadsheet, create and run a PowerPoint presentation, or work with a custom program, ZoomText Fusion can intelligently speak what you want to hear when you want to hear it. For example, you may need to check formatting and spacing in a Word document. With ZoomText Fusion, you can get this information on-demand or while you are proofreading, even if you have no sight. ZoomText Fusion also supports the latest web standards to ensure the best possible screen reading experience while on the web. Get as much or as little speech as you want in any program you use.

The innovative Learning Center and Tutor Mode provide user-friendly tools that will make learning and using Fusion fast, easy and enjoyable. Tutor Mode is there to teach you every step of the way and provides spoken hints for how to interact with various elements of Windows, such as buttons, check boxes, edit fields and more. The Learning Center provides a simple, straight-forward interface for learning how to use ZoomText Fusion on your computer through video, audio and text instructions.

Jeremy Curry, Director of Product Management, has been the visionary behind ZoomText Fusion. He saw the immense potential in adding a full screen reader to the already powerful ZoomText/Magnifier Reader software package. “ZoomText Fusion is the most powerful ZoomText we have ever built. As the product manager and a ZoomText user with low vision and a progressive eye disease myself, ZoomText Fusion gives me the confidence to know that no matter what happens to my vision, I will be able to use my computer with ZoomText.”

Learn more and download a free 60-day trial today at ZoomText.com/Fusion